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Our signature programs, combined with specialized training equipment and amazing instructors, are designed to give you results. If you are looking to increase your fitness level, improve flexibility and strength or lose weight, you will be able to do it at LIQUASPORT.

No swimming experience required.


A mild cardiovascular workout using water resistance to improve range of motion, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Power Petals™

Combines both the aquatic cycle bike with full body drag resistance equipment for an amazing strength training workout.

buoy box™

A water workout with upper and lower body variations. Buoyant dumbbells and other tools are used to add both resistance and stability in the water.

hip hop hydro™

The one pool party you shouldn’t miss!  We blend 80s and 90s hip hop jams so you can let loose.  The high-energy workout uses the natural resistance of the water to help tone your muscles.


Combines water and pilates.  Improving flexibility, strength, balance, and body awareness is the goal in this class.

drip to drop™

Boost metabolism and shred calories with five rounds of high-intensity exercises performed in a specific “40 seconds on, 20 seconds off” intervals.

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